Psalms 80
1 To victory; this psalm is the wit-nessing of Asaph for lilies. Thou that governest Israel, give attention; that leadest forth Joseph as a sheep. Thou that sittest on cherubim, be showed
2before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh. Stir thy power, and come thou, that thou make us safe.
3God of virtues, turn [or convert] thou us; and show thy face, and we shall be safe.
4Lord God of virtues, how long shalt thou be wroth on the prayer of thy servants?
5 How long shalt thou feed us with the bread of tears; and shalt give drink to us with tears in great measure?
6Thou hast set [or put] us into against-saying to our neighbours; and our enemies have scorned us.
7God of virtues, turn [or convert] thou us; and show thy face, and we shall be safe.
8Thou translatedest or brought over a vine from Egypt; thou castedest out heathen men, and plantedest it.
9Thou were leader of the way in the sight thereof; and thou plantedest the roots thereof, and it filled the land.
10The shadow thereof covered hills; and the branches thereof filled the cedars of God.
11It stretched forth his scions till to the sea, and the generations thereof till to the flood.
12Why hast thou destroyed the wall thereof; and all men that go forth by the way, gather away the grapes thereof?
13A boar of the wood destroyed it; and a singular wild beast devoured it.
14God of virtues, be thou turned again to us; behold from heaven, and see, and visit this vine.
15And make thou it perfect, which thy right hand planted; and behold thou on the son of man, which thou hast confirmed to thee.
16Things were burnt with fire, and undermined; they who did this shall perish for the blaming of thy cheer.
17Thine hand be made on the man of thy right hand; and on the son of man, whom thou hast confirmed to thee.
18And we departed not from thee; thou shalt quicken us, and we shall inwardly call thy name.
19Lord God of virtues, turn thou us; and show thy face, and we shall be safe.

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