Psalms 75
1 To the overcomer, lose thou not the psalm of the song of Asaph. God, we shall acknowledge to thee, we shall acknowledge; and we shall inwardly call thy name. We shall tell thy marvels;
2when I shall take hold of the time, I shall deem with rightfulnesses.
3The earth is melted, and all that dwell therein; I confirmed the pillars thereof.
4I said to wicked men, Do not ye do wickedly; and to trespassers, Do not ye enhance the horn.
5Do not ye raise on high your horn; do not ye speak wickedness against God.
6For promotion cometh neither from the east, neither from the west, neither from desert hills;
7for God is the judge. He meeketh this man, and enhanceth him;
8for a cup of clean wine, full of meddling [or mingling], is in the hand of the Lord. And he bowed of this into that; nevertheless the dregs thereof is not diminished, either made less, for all [the] sinners of [the] earth shall drink thereof.
9Forsooth I shall tell into the world; I shall sing to God of Jacob.
10And I shall break all the horns of sinners; and the horns of the just [or rightwise] man shall be enhanced.

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