Psalms 47
1 To victory, a psalm to the sons of Korah. All ye folks, make joy with hands; sing ye heartily to God in the voice of full out joying.
2For the Lord is high and fearedful; a great king on all earth.
3He made peoples subject to us; and heathen men under our feet.
4He chose his heritage to us; the fairness of Jacob, whom he loved.
5God ascended in hearty song; and the Lord in the voice of a trump.
6Sing ye to our God, sing ye; sing ye to our king, sing ye.
7For God is king of all earth; sing ye [psalm] wisely.
8God shall reign on heathen men; God sitteth on his holy seat.
9The princes of peoples be gath-ered together with God of Abraham; for the strong gods of earth be raised greatly.

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