Psalms 29
1 The psalm of David. Ye sons of God, bring to the Lord; bring ye to the Lord, the sons of rams. Bring ye to the Lord glory and honour;
2bring ye to the Lord glory to his name; praise ye the Lord in his holy large place.
3The voice of the Lord on waters, God of majesty thundered; the Lord on many waters.
4The voice of the Lord in virtue; the voice of the Lord in great doing.
5The voice of the Lord breaking cedars; and the Lord shall break the cedars of Lebanon.
6And he shall all-break them to dust, as a calf of the Lebanon; and the darling was as the son of an unicorn.
7The voice of the Lord parting the flames of fire;
8the voice of the Lord shaking desert; and the Lord shall stir altogether the desert of Kadesh.
9The voice of the Lord making ready harts to calve, and he shall show thick things; and in his temple all men shall say glory.
10The Lord maketh to inhabit the great flood; and the Lord shall sit King without end.
11The Lord shall give virtue to his people; the Lord shall bless his people in peace.

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