Psalms 27
1 The holy prayer of David. The Lord is my lightening, and mine health; whom shall I dread? The Lord is defender of my life; for whom shall I tremble [or quake]?
2The while noisome men nigh on me; for to eat my fleshes. Mine enemies, that troubled me; they were made sick and felled [or fell] down.
3Though castles [or tents] stand together against me; mine heart shall not dread. Though battle riseth against me; in this thing I shall have hope.
4I asked of the Lord one thing; I shall seek this thing; that I dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. That I see the will of the Lord; and that I visit his temple.
5For he hid me in his tabernacle in the day of evils; he defended me in the hid place of his tabernacle. He enhanced me in a stone;
6and now he enhanced mine head over mine enemies. I compassed, and offered in his tabernacle a sacrifice of crying [out]; I shall sing, and I shall say psalm to the Lord.
7Lord, hear thou my voice, by which I cried to thee; have thou mercy on me, and hear me.
8Mine heart said to thee, My face sought thee; Lord, I shall seek again thy face.
9Turn thou not away thy face from me; bow thou not away in wrath from thy servant. Lord, be thou mine helper, forsake thou not me; and, God, mine health, despise thou not me.
10For my father and my mother have forsaken me; but the Lord hath taken me up.
11Lord, set thou a law to me in thy way; and dress thou me in a rightful [or right] path, for mine enemies.
12Betake thou not me into the souls of them, that trouble me; for wicked witnesses have risen against me, and wickedness lied to itself.
13I believe to see the goods of the Lord; in the land of living men.
14Abide thou the Lord, do thou manly; and thine heart be comforted, and suffer thou for the Lord.

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