Psalms 147
1 Alleluia. Praise ye the Lord, for the psalm is good; let our praising be merry, and fair to our God.
2The Lord shall build [up] Jerusalem; and he shall gather together the scatterings of Israel.
3The which Lord maketh whole men contrite in heart; and bindeth together the sorrows of them.
4Which numbereth the multitude of stars; and calleth names to all those [or them].
5Our Lord is great, and his virtue is great; and of his wisdom there is no number.
6The Lord taketh up mild men; forsooth he maketh low sinners till to the earth.
7Before sing ye to the Lord in acknowledging; say ye psalm to our God in an harp.
8Which covereth heaven with clouds; and maketh ready rain to the earth. Which bringeth forth hay in hills; and herb to the service of men.
9Which giveth meat to their work beasts; and to the birds of crows calling him.
10He shall not have will in the strength of an horse; neither it shall be well pleasant [or well pleased] to him in the legs of a man.
11It is well pleasant [or well pleased] to the Lord on men that dread him; and in them that hope in his mercy.
12Jerusalem, praise thou the Lord; Zion, praise thou thy God.
13For he hath comforted the locks of thy gates; he hath blessed thy sons in thee.
14Which hath set thy coasts peace; and filleth thee with the fatness of wheat.
15Which sendeth out his speech to the earth; his word runneth swiftly.
16Which giveth snow as wool; he spreadeth abroad a cloud as ashes.
17He sendeth his crystal as morsels; who shall be able to suffer before the face of his coldness?
18He shall send out his word, and shall melt those [or them]; his spirit shall blow, and waters shall flow.
19Which telleth his word to Jacob; and his rightfulnesses and dooms to Israel.
20He did not so to each nation; and he showed not his dooms to them.

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