Psalms 137
1On the floods of Babylon, there we sat, and wept; while we bethought on Zion.
2In sallows in the midst thereof; we hanged up our organs.
3For they that led us prisoners; asked us there the words of songs. And they that led away us said; Sing ye to us an hymn of the songs of Zion.
4How shall we sing a song of the Lord; in an alien land?
5If I forget thee, Jerusalem; my right hand be given to forgetting.
6My tongue cleave to my cheeks; if I bethink not on thee. If I purposed not of thee, Jerusalem; in the beginning of my gladness.
7Lord, have thou mind on the sons of Edom; for the day of Jerusalem. Which say, Extinguish ye, extinguish ye; till to the foundament therein.
8Thou wretched daughter of Bab-ylon; he is blessed, that yieldeth to thee thy yielding, which thou yieldest to us.
9He is blessed, that shall hold; and hurtle down his little children at the stone.

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