Exodus 40
1And the Lord spake to Moses, saying,
2In the first month, in the first day of the month, thou shalt raise the tabernacle of witnessing.
3And thou shalt set the ark therein, and thou shalt leave a veil before it.
4And when the board is borne in, thou shalt set thereon those things that be commanded justly, either by the law. The candlestick shall stand with his lanterns,
5and the golden altar, wherein the incense is burnt before the ark of witnessing. Thou shalt set a curtain in the entering of the tabernacle;
6and before it thou shalt set the altar of burnt sacrifice,
7 thou shalt set the washing vessel betwixt the altar and the tabernacle, which washing vessel thou shalt fill with water.
8And thou shalt encompass the great porch, and the entering thereof, with curtains.
9And when thou hast taken the oil of anointing, thou shalt anoint the tabernacle, with his vessels, that those [or they] be hallowed;
10the altar of burnt sacrifice, and all the vessels thereof;
11the washing vessel, with his foundament or base. Thou shalt anoint all things with the oil of anointing, that they be holy of holy things.
12And thou shalt present Aaron and his sons to the door of the tabernacle of witnessing; and, when they be washed with water,
13thou shalt clothe them in holy clothes, that they minister to me,
14(See verse 13 above.)
15and that the anointing of them profit into everlasting priesthood.
16And Moses did all things that the Lord commanded.
17Therefore in the first month of the second year, in the first day of the month, the tabernacle was set.
18And Moses areared it, and he set the boards, and bases, and bars, and he ordained [the] pillars;
19and he stretched out the roof upon the tabernacle, and he put a covering above, as the Lord commanded.
20He put also the witnessing, that is, the tables of the law, in the ark, and he set the bars within, and God’s answering place above.
21And when he had brought the ark into the tabernacle, he hanged a veil before it, that he should fulfill the commandment of the Lord.
22He setted [or put] also the board in the tabernacle of witnessing, at the north coast, without the veil,
23and he ordained the loaves of setting forth before, as the Lord commanded to Moses.
24He set [or put] also the candlestick in the tabernacle of witnessing, even against the board, in the south side,
25and he set the lanterns by order, by the commandment of the Lord.
26He put also the golden altar under the roof of witnessing, that is, of the tabernacle, against the veil,
27and he burnt thereon incense of sweet smelling spiceries [or spices], as the Lord commanded to Moses.
28He set [or put] also a curtain in the entering of the tabernacle,
29and the altar of burnt sacrifice in the porch of the witnessing, and he offered there burnt sacrifice, and sacrifices, as the Lord commanded.
30Also he ordained the washing vessel, betwixt the tabernacle of witnessing and the altar, and filled it with water.
31And Moses, and Aaron, and his sons, washed their hands and their feet therein,
32when they entered into the tabernacle of the bond of peace, and nighed to the altar, as the Lord commanded to Moses.
33He areared also the great porch, by compass of the tabernacle and of the altar, and setted a curtain in the entering thereof.
34After that all things were perfectly made, a cloud covered the tabernacle of witnessing, and the glory of the Lord filled it;
35neither Moses might enter into the tabernacle of the bond of peace, while the cloud covered all things, and the majesty of the Lord shined, for the cloud covered all things.
36If any time the cloud left the tabernacle, the sons of Israel went forth by their companies;
37if the cloud hanged there above, they dwelled in the same place;
38for the cloud of the Lord rested on the tabernacle by day, and fire in the night, in the sight of the people of Israel, by all their dwellings.

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