Exodus 12
1Also the Lord said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt,
2This month, the beginning of months to you, shall be the first in the months of the year.
3Speak ye to all the company of the sons of Israel, and say ye to them, In the tenth day of this month, each man take a lamb by his meines and houses;
4but if the number is less, that it may not suffice to eat the lamb, he shall take it with his neighbour, which is joined to his house, by the number of souls, that may suffice to the eating of the lamb.
5Forsooth the lamb shall be a male of one year, without wem; by which custom ye shall take also a kid, if a lamb may not be had in good manner;
6and ye shall keep him till to the fourteenth day of this month; and all the multitude of the sons of Israel shall offer him at eventide.
7And they shall take of his blood, and they shall put it on ever either doorpost, and in the lintels, or higher thresholds, of the houses, in which they shall eat him;
8and in that night they shall eat flesh, roasted with fire, and therf loaves, with the herb lettuce or with bitternesses of the field.
9Ye shall not eat thereof any raw thing, neither sodden in water, but roasted only by fire; ye shall devour the head with the feet, and with the entrails thereof;
10neither anything thereof shall abide till to the morrowtide; if anything is left, ye shall burn it in the fire.
11Forsooth thus ye shall eat him; ye shall gird your reins, and ye shall have shoes in your feet, and ye shall hold staves in your hands, and ye shall eat it hastily; for it is pask, that is, the passing [forth] of the Lord.
12And I shall pass through the land of Egypt in that night, and I shall smite all the first engendered or the first begotten things in the land of Egypt, from man till to beast; and I the Lord shall make dooms in all the gods of Egypt.
13Forsooth [the] blood shall be to you into sign, in the houses in which ye shall be; and I shall see the blood, and I shall pass over you; neither a wound destroying shall be in you, when I shall smite the land of Egypt.
14Forsooth ye shall have this day into mind, and ye shall make it solemn to the Lord in your generations, by everlasting worshipping.
15Seven days ye shall eat therf bread; in the first day nothing dighted with sourdough shall be in your houses; whoever shall eat anything dighted with sourdough, from the first day till to the seventh day, that soul shall perish from Israel.
16The first day shall be holy and solemn, and the seventh day shall be worshipful by the same hallowing; ye shall not do any work in those days, except these things that pertain to meat;
17and ye shall keep therf bread. For in that same day I shall lead out of the land of Egypt your host; and ye shall keep this day in your generations by everlasting custom.
18In the first month, in the fourteenth day of the month, at eventide, ye shall eat therf bread, till to the one and twentieth day of the same month at eventide.
19In seven days nothing dighted with sourdough shall be found in your houses; if any eateth anything dighted with sourdough, his soul shall perish from the company of Israel, as well of comelings, that be heathen men converted to the faith of Jews, as of them that be born in the land.
20Ye shall not eat anything made with sourdough, and ye shall eat therf bread in all your dwelling places.
21Forsooth Moses called all the elder men of the sons of Israel, and said to them, Go ye, and take ye a beast by your meines, and offer ye pask;
22and dip ye a bundle of hyssop, in the blood which is in the threshold, either in a vessel beside the threshold, and sprinkle ye thereof on the lintel, and ever either doorpost; none of you shall go out at the door of his house till the morrowtide.
23For the Lord shall pass [forth] smiting the Egyptians; and when he shall see the blood in the lintel, and in ever either doorpost, he shall pass over the door of the house; and he shall not suffer the smiter to enter into your houses, and to hurt you.
24Keep thou this word; it shall be a lawful thing to thee and to thy sons till into without end.
25And when ye shall enter into the land which the Lord shall give to you, as he promised, ye shall keep these ceremonies;
26and when your sons shall say to you, What is this religion?
27ye shall say to them, It is the sacrifice of the passing of the Lord, when he passed over the houses of the sons of Israel in Egypt, and smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people was bowed, and worshipped.
28And the sons of Israel went out, and did as the Lord commanded to Moses and Aaron.
29Forsooth it was done in the midst of the night, the Lord smote all the first begotten things in the land of Egypt, from the first begotten of Pharaoh, that sat in the throne of him, till to the first begotten of a captive woman, that was in prison, and all the first engendered of beasts.
30And Pharaoh rose in the night, and all his servants, and all Egypt; and a great cry was made in Egypt; for none house was, in which a dead man lay not.
31And when Moses and Aaron were called in the night, Pharaoh said, Rise ye, and go ye out from my people, both ye and the sons of Israel; go ye, offer ye to the Lord, as ye say;
32take ye your sheep and [your] great beasts, as ye asked; and go ye, and bless ye me.
33And the Egyptians constrained the people to go out of the land swiftly, and said, All we shall die!
34Therefore the people took meal sprinkled together, before that it was dighted with sourdough; and they bound it in mantles, and put it on their shoulders.
35And the sons of Israel did as the Lord commanded to Moses; and they asked of the Egyptians silver vessels and golden, and full much clothing.
36Forsooth the Lord gave grace to the people before the Egyptians, that the Egyptians lent to them; and they made bare the Egyptians.
37And the children of Israel went forth from Rameses into Succoth, almost six hundred thousand of footmen, without little children and women;
38but also the common people of males and of females unnumberable went up with them; sheep, and oxen, and full many beasts of diverse kind also.
39And they baked meal, which sprinkled altogether a while ago they took from Egypt, and made therf loaves baken under ashes; for the loaves might not be dighted with sourdough, for [the] Egyptians compelled them to go out, and suffered not them to make any tarrying, neither it was leisure to make any stew.
40Forsooth the dwelling of the sons of Israel, by which they dwelled in Egypt, was of four hundred and thirty years;
41and when those years were fulfilled, all the host of the Lord went out of the land of Egypt in the same day.
42This night is worthy to be kept in the worshipping of the Lord, when he led them out of the land of Egypt; all the sons of Israel ought to keep this night in their generations.
43Also the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, This is the religion of pask; each alien shall not eat thereof;
44soothly each servant bought shall be circumcised, and so he shall eat;
45a comeling and a hired man shall not eat thereof;
46it shall be eaten in one house; neither ye shall bear out the flesh thereof; neither ye shall break a bone thereof.
47Each company of the sons of Israel shall make that pask;
48that if any pilgrim will pass into your faith and worshipping, and make [the] pask of the Lord, each male kind of him shall be circumcised before the solemnity, and then he shall make it lawfully, and he shall be together with them as a man born of the land; forsooth if any man is not circum-cised, he shall not eat thereof.
49The same law shall be to a man born of the land, and to a comeling, that taketh your faith, the which is a pilgrim with you.
50And all the sons of Israel did as the Lord commanded to Moses and Aaron.
51And in the same day the Lord led out of the land of Egypt the sons of Israel, by their companies.

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