Psalms 33
Psalm 33 #33:0 Someone wrote Psalm 33 to say 4 important things: – God made everything. He did it by his WORD. This means that when he said something it immediately happened. Examples include the skies, stars and seas (verses 6 – 9) – Men make PLANS. God does not always let them happen (verses 13-15) – God's EYE sees everybody, and what they do. (verses 13-15) – God is ALL-POWERFUL. Armies are strong, but God is stronger (verses 16-7).
Word, Plans, Eye and Power
1Shout to the LORD, everyone that is righteous.
2 Praise the Lord with a harp.
Make music for him with a lyre that has 10 strings.
3Sing to him a new song.
Make beautiful music with a trumpet. #33:3 Verses 1-3: The word ‘shout’ also means ‘sing’ in Hebrew. Only God can make people righteous. It happens when he forgives them. ‘Forgive’ means ‘GIVE our sin to Jesus to carry AWAY.’ Sin is doing wrong things. The psalm tells people to praise God with harp, lute and trumpet. Today we would probably use guitar, piano and trumpet. We can use any musical instrument to praise God.
4Do this because the Lord says what is right.
Everything that he does is good.
5He loves all that is right and fair.
The world is full of his kind love.
6The word of the Lord made the skies.
The breath of his mouth made the stars.
7He put the waters of the sea together in a bottle.
He hid the deep seas in a safe place.
8Let everyone that lives in the earth be afraid of the Lord.
Let all the people of the world fall down in front of him.
9Do this because he spoke and it happened.
At his word, everything became fixed in its place. #33:9 Verses 4-9: This part tells us that God made everything by his word. ‘The breath of his mouth’ means ‘his word.’ ‘Full of his kind love’ means ‘the good things that he made.’ ‘In a bottle’ probably means ‘in one place.’
10Governments make plans, but the Lord checks them.
He does not let people do everything that they want to do.
11The plans that the Lord makes will always happen.
His ideas will always be with us.
12The people that have the Lord as their God will be very happy.
They are the people that he chose to be his own.
13The Lord looks down from heaven.
He sees every man, woman and child.
14from where he lives, he can see every person that lives on the earth.
15He made every separate person.
He knows everything that they do.
16A great army will not save a king.
A soldier does not win because he is strong.
17A horse will not always give you help to win, even if it is very strong. #33:17 Verses 10-17: This part tells us that God is the authority on earth. In verse 12 ‘the people that he chose’ means the Jews. Since Jesus came to the earth, it also means Christians. Verses 16-17 means that armies will not save a country if God has other plans. We do not use horses in our armies today. We use tanks and planes – but God is still stronger.
18Look, the eye of the Lord is on the people that are afraid of him.
It is on the people that trust in his kind love.
19He will save them from death and from famine.
20We will trust in the Lord.
He will send us help, and he will be our shield.
21We are singing happy songs for the Lord.
We are trusting in his holy name.
22Lord, we want you to send to us your kind love.
Lord, we are trusting in you. #33:22 Verses 18-22: In this part, ‘kind love’ means ‘the good things that God does for us.’ We must trust God if we are to enjoy his kind love.