Proverbs 21
Chapter 21
1The LORD can change the king's mind. The LORD does what he wants to do. The LORD can change the direction of a stream. In the same way, the LORD can change the thoughts of a king.
2Everybody thinks that he always does right things. But it is the LORD who knows your thoughts.
3Do what is right and fair. That gives pleasure to the LORD more than sacrifice.
4Bad people think that they are better than anyone else. That is a sin.
5A careful man thinks before he does anything. So he will have plenty. Another man may not think before he does anything. That man will become poor.
6You may get money because you tell lies. If you do, that money will go soon. But it will cause your death.
7 Punishment happens to bad people who do bad things. They refuse to do what is right.
8Bad people do wrong things. Good people do what is right.
9It is better to live on the roof of your house than to live with a wife that argues.
10Bad people want to do bad things all the time. They are not kind to anyone.
11A fool laughs about wise words. You should punish that man. That will help to teach the man who is not wise. When you teach a wise man, he will understand more.
12The righteous God knows what happens in the homes of bad people. They will become poor because God will make them poor.
13Some people refuse to listen when poor people ask for help. So nobody will listen when they ask for help.
14If someone is angry with you, give him a gift. This secret gift will make him quiet.
15When anyone does right things, good people are happy. But bad people are often very much afraid.
16A man may refuse to understand what is right. If he refuses, he will die.
17The man who loves pleasure will become poor. A man who eats expensive food will never get valuable things. A man who drinks too much alcohol will never get valuable things.
18Bad people cause to themselves the pain that they try to cause to good people.
19It is better to live in wild places than to live with a wife who is always quarrelling.
20 Wise people are rich. And there is good food in their house. But when silly people get money, they waste it immediately.
21If you are kind and honest, you will live a long life! Other people will be fair to you. And they will think that you are great.
22A wise man attacks the city of strong men. They think that its walls will keep them safe. But the wise man destroys the walls.
23Be careful what you say. If you are careful, bad things will not happen to you.
24A proud person thinks that he is better than other people. He thinks only about himself. And he laughs about wise words.
25Lazy people refuse to work. They will die before they need to die.
26They think only about what they would like to have. But a good man gives away his money and he does not count the cost.
27The LORD will hate sacrifices from bad people. Sometimes they do it because of the wrong reasons. So he hates it even more.
28You cannot believe a man who tells lies. And he will die. But a careful man listens before he speaks. You can believe him. And he speaks for all time.
29Good people believe in themselves. But bad people hide what they really believe.
30You cannot know anything if the LORD is against it. And you cannot understand anything if the LORD is against it. And you cannot be cleverer than he is.
31You can make horses ready for war. But it is the LORD who helps you to beat your enemies.