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Psalms 35:1-3, 4-10

Psalms 35:1-3 TPT

O Lord, fight for me! Harass the hecklers; accuse my accusers. Fight those who fight against me. Put on your armor, Lord; take up your shield and protect me. Rise up, mighty God! Grab your weapons of war and block the way of the wicked who come to fight me. Stand for me when they stand against me! Speak over my soul: “I am your strong Savior!”

Psalms 35:4-10 TPT

Humiliate those who seek my harm. Defeat them all! Frustrate their plans to defeat me and drive them back. Disgrace them all as they have devised their plans to disgrace me. Blow them away like dust in the wind, with the angel of Almighty God driving them back! Make the road in front of them nothing but slippery darkness, with the angel of YAHWEH behind them, chasing them away! For though I did nothing wrong to them, they set a trap for me, wanting me to fail and fall. Surprise them with your ambush, Lord, and catch them in the very trap they set for me. Let them be the ones to fail and fall into destruction! Then my fears will dissolve into limitless joy; my whole being will overflow with gladness because of your mighty deliverance. Everything inside of me will shout it out: “There’s no one like you, Lord!” For look at how you protect the weak and helpless from the strong and heartless who oppress them.

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