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Psalms 106

God Is Good
1Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
Everyone thank God, for he is good and easy to please.
Your tender love for us, Lord, continues on forever.
2Who could ever fully describe your glorious miracles?
Yahweh, who could ever praise you enough?
3The happiest one on earth is the one who keeps your word
and clings to righteousness every moment.
4So remember me, Lord, as you take joy in your people.
And when you come to bring the blessings of salvation,
don’t forget me!
5Let me share in the wealth and beauty of all your devoted lovers,
rejoice with your nation in all their joys,
and let me share in the glory you give to your chosen ones.
6We have all sinned so much, just like our fathers.
“Guilty” is written over our lives.
7Our fathers who were delivered from Egypt
didn’t fully understand your wonders,
and they took you for granted.
Over and over you showed them such tender love and mercy!
Yet they were barely beyond the Red Sea
when they rebelled against you.
8Nonetheless, you saved them more than once
so they would know how powerful you are,
showing them the honor of your name.
9You roared over the waters of the Red Sea,
making a dry path for your people to cross through.
10You freed them from the strong power
of those who oppressed them
and rescued them from bondage.
11Then the waters rushed over their enemies and drowned them all—
not one survived.
12Seeing this, the people believed your words,
and they all broke out with songs of praise!
13Yet how quickly they forgot your miracles of power.
They wouldn’t wait for you to act when they were hungry,
14but demanded you satisfy their cravings and give them food!
They tested you to the breaking point.
15So you gave them what they wanted to eat,
but their souls starved away to nothing.
16They became envious of Moses and Aaron, your holy ones.
17You split open the earth, and it swallowed up
Dathan and Abiram along with their followers.
18Fire fell from heaven and burnt up all the band of rebels,
turning them to ashes.
19They made an idol of a calf at Sinai
and bowed to worship their man-made statue.
20They preferred the image of a grass-eating ox
to the presence of the glory-filled God.
21-22They totally forgot it was you who saved them
by the wonders and awesome miracles you worked in Egypt.
23So you decided to destroy them.
But Moses, your chosen leader,
stood in the gap between you and the people
and made intercession on their behalf
to turn away your wrath from killing them all.
24Yet they still didn’t believe your words
and they despised the land of delight you gave to them.
25They grumbled and found fault with everything
and closed their hearts to your voice.
26So you solemnly swore to them
that they would all die in the desert.
27And you scattered their children to distant lands to die as exiles.
28Then our fathers joined the worshipers
of the false god named “Lord of the Pit.”
They even ate the sacrifices offered to the dead!
29All they did made you burn with anger.
It made you so angry that a plague broke out among them!
30It continued until Phineas intervened and executed
the guilty for causing judgment to fall upon them. # 106:30 This is implicit information found in the story of Phineas (Num. 25:7–9).
31Because of this deed of righteousness
Phineas will be remembered forever.
32Your people also provoked you to wrath
at the stream called Strife. # 106:32 The word used here is Meribah, the Hebrew word for “strife” (Num. 20:1–13).
This is where Moses got into serious trouble!
33Because the people were rebellious against you,
Moses exploded in anger and spoke to them out of his bitterness.
34Neither did our fathers destroy the enemies in the land,
as you had commanded them.
35But they mingled themselves with their enemies
and learned to copy their works of darkness.
36They began to serve their gods and bow before their idols.
All of this led them away from you
and brought about their downfall.
37They even sacrificed their little children to the demon spirits,
38-39shedding the innocent blood of their sons and daughters.
These dark practices greatly defiled the land and their own souls,
through the murder and bloodshed of their own babies!
Their sins made them spiritual adulterers before you.
40This is why you were furious.
As your anger burned hot against them,
you couldn’t even stand to look
at your very own people any longer!
41So you turned them over to the crushing hands of other nations,
and those who hated them became tyrants over them.
42Oppressive enemies subdued them,
ruling over them with their tyranny.
43Many times you would have come to rescue them,
but they continued in their rebellious ways,
choosing to ignore your warnings.
Then they sank lower and lower, destroyed by their depravity.
44-45Yet even so, you waited and waited,
watching to see if they would turn
and cry out to you for a father’s help.
And then, when you heard their cry,
you relented and you remembered your covenant,
and you turned your heart toward them again,
according to your abundant, overflowing, and limitless love.
46Then you caused even their oppressors
to pity them and show them compassion.
47Do it again, Lord! Save us, O Lord, our God!
Gather us from our exile and unite us together
so that we will give our great and joyous thanks to you again
and bring you glory by our praises.
48Blessed be our Lord God forever and ever.
And let everyone everywhere say, “Hallelujah!”
Amen! Faithful is our King!
Book 5
The Deuteronomy Psalms
Psalms of praise and the Word

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