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Isaiah 58

Ritual and Ceremony Is Not Enough
1“Shout it loud and clear!
Don’t hold back!
Let your voice be like a trumpet blast!
Declare to my people their rebellion
and to Jacob’s tribes their sin!
2Yes, daily they seem to seek me,
pretending that they delight to know my ways,
as though they were a nation that does what is right
and had not rejected the law of their God.
They ask me to show them the right way,
acting as though they are eager to be close to me.
3They say, ‘Why is it that when we fasted,
you did not see it?
We starved ourselves, and you didn’t seem to notice.’
“Because on the day you fasted
you were seeking only your own desires,
and you continue to exploit your workers. # 58:3 See Lev. 16:29. It was clear that their fasting was an attempt to appear spiritual and manipulate God.
4During your fasts, you quarrel and fight with others
and strike them with an angry fist.
When you fast like that, your voice will not be heard on high.
5Do you think I’m impressed with that kind of fast?
Is it just a day to starve your bodies,
make others think you’re humble, # 58:5 Or “to bow your heads like [bent-over] reeds.”
and lie down in sackcloth and ashes?
Do you call that a fast?
Do you think I, Yahweh, will be pleased with that?” # 58:5 Or “that is a day acceptable to Yahweh?”
Worship God in Truth
6“This is the kind of fast that I desire:
Remove the heavy chains of oppression!
Stop exploiting your workers! # 58:6 Or “Loose the ropes of the yoke.”
Set free the crushed and mistreated!
Break off every yoke of bondage!
7Share your food with the hungry!
Provide for the homeless
and bring them into your home!
Clothe the naked!
Don’t turn your back on your own flesh and blood!
8Then my favor will bathe you in sunlight
until you are like the dawn bursting through a dark night. # 58:8 Showing justice will bring the light of a new day. This sunrise pictures God’s restored favor and blessing coming upon the people.
And then suddenly your healing # 58:8 Or “health” or “restoration.” This would include the body, soul, and spirit. will manifest. # 58:8 Or “sprout speedily” or “grow.”
You will see your righteousness march out before you,
and the glory of Yahweh will protect you from all harm! # 58:8 Or “will be your rear guard”; that is, God’s glory covers us from our past and protects us today and forever, with glory going before us and following after us as well.
9Then Yahweh will answer you when you pray.
When you cry out for help, he will say,
‘I am here.’
“If you banish every form of oppression, the scornful accusations, # 58:9 Or “extending the finger.”
and vicious slander,
10and if you offer yourselves in compassion # 58:10 Jesus offered himself for us, so we should offer ourselves in compassion for others. See Matt. 10:8; Acts 20:33–35; Gal. 1:4; Eph. 5:2, 25; 1 Tim. 2:6; Titus 2:14. for the hungry
and relieve those in misery, # 58:10 The five qualifications of last-days ministry are found in vv. 9–10: (1) Commit to banish every form of oppression in our lives, churches, and society. (2) Remove scornful accusation (criticism) of others and their ministries. (3) Forbid to spread malicious slander. (4) Have compassion for the poor and disenfranchised. (5) Comfort those enduring suffering and tragedy. Then God promises (vv. 10–12) that multiple blessings will come: (1) Our spiritual light (influence) will increase in our communities. (2) Discouragement and gloom will disappear from our lives. (3) God will give us specific guidance and counsel to know what to do and where to go. (4) He will fill us with renewing grace, even when we are surrounded by difficult situations. (5) Our spiritual lives will flourish like a lush garden with fruit and beauty. (6) We will not cease to be an ever-flowing source of blessing to others. (7) We will be given God’s grace to rebuild lives and institutions in our cities, churches, and nations. (8) We will take up the legacy of our spiritual fathers and build on their foundations. (9) We will have a testimony of healing cities. (10) We will restore well-being to our communities.
then your dawning light will rise in the darkness
and your gloom will turn into noonday splendor! # 58:10 Or “double light.”
11Yahweh will always guide you where to go and what to do.
He will fill you with refreshment
even when you are in a dry, difficult place.
He will continually restore strength to you,
so you will flourish like a well-watered garden
and like an ever-flowing, trustworthy spring of blessing.
12Your people will rebuild long-deserted ruins,
building anew on foundations laid long before you. # 58:12 Or “on foundations of many generations.”
You will be known as Repairers of the Cities # 58:12 Or “repairers of the gap.”
and Restorers of Communities. # 58:12 Or “restorers of paths that lead you home.” This is the Elijah ministry of restoration. See Neh. 1–4; Acts 3:21.
13“If you stop pursuing your own desires on my holy day,
and refrain from disregarding the Sabbath,
if you call the Sabbath a delightful pleasure
and Yahweh’s holy day honorable,
if you honor it properly by not chasing your own desires,
serving your own interests, and speaking empty words,
14then you will find the joyous bliss
that comes from serving Yahweh.
And I will cause you to prosper
and be carried triumphantly over the high places of the land. # 58:14 That is, God will raise you up and cause you to prosper greatly. See Deut. 32:13; Eph. 1:3; 2:6.
You will enjoy the heritage of Jacob, your ancestor.”
Certainly the mouth of Yahweh has spoken it!

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