Isaiah 16
1Send lambs to the ruler of the land,#2Kg 3:4
from Sela in the desert#2Kg 14:7; Is 42:11
to the mountain of Daughter Zion.
2Like a bird fleeing,
forced from the nest,
the daughters of Moab
will be at the fords of the Arnon.
3Give us counsel and make a decision.
Shelter us at noonday
with shade that is as dark as night.
Hide the refugees;#1Kg 18:4
do not betray the one who flees.
4Let my refugees stay with you;
be a refuge for Moab#16:4 Or you; Moab — be a refuge for him from the aggressor.
When the oppressor has gone,
destruction has ended,
and marauders have vanished from the land,
5a throne will be established in love,#Is 9:6-7; 32:1; 55:4; Dn 7:14; Mc 4:7; Lk 1:33
and one will sit on it faithfully#16:5 Or continually
in the tent of David,
judging and pursuing what is right,
quick to execute justice.
6We have heard of Moab’s pride#Jr 48:29; Am 2:1; Ob 3-4; Zph 2:8,10  —
how very proud he is —
his haughtiness, his pride, his arrogance,
and his empty boasting.
7Therefore let Moab wail;
let every one of them wail for Moab.
You who are completely devastated, mourn
for the raisin cakes#2Sm 6:19; 1Ch 16:3; Sg 2:5; Hs 3:1 of Kir-hareseth.#2Kg 3:25; Jr 48:31
8For Heshbon’s terraced vineyards
and the grapevines of Sibmah have withered.
The rulers of the nations
have trampled its choice vines
that reached as far as Jazer#Nm 21:32; Jos 13:25
and spread to the desert.
Their shoots spread out
and reached the sea.#Jr 48:32
9So I join with Jazer
to weep for the vines of Sibmah;
I drench Heshbon and Elealeh with my tears.
Triumphant shouts have fallen silent#16:9 Or Battle cries have fallen
over your summer fruit and your harvest.
10Joy and rejoicing#Is 24:8; Jr 48:33 have been removed from the orchard;
no one is singing or shouting for joy in the vineyards.#Jdg 9:27; Is 24:7; Am 5:11,17
No one tramples grapes#16:10 Lit wine in the winepresses.
I have put an end to the shouting.
11Therefore I moan like the sound of a lyre for Moab,#Is 15:5; 63:15; Jr 48:36; Hs 11:8; Php 2:1
as does my innermost being for Kir-heres.
12When Moab appears
and tires himself out on the high place#1Kg 18:29
and comes to his sanctuary to pray,
it will do him no good.#Is 15:2
13This is the message that the Lord previously announced about Moab. 14And now the Lord says, “In three years, as a hired worker counts years,#Jb 7:1; 14:6; Is 21:16 Moab’s splendor will become an object of contempt, in spite of a very large population. And those who are left will be few and weak.”

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