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Hebrews 1

The Nature of the Son
1Long ago God spoke#Jn 9:29; Heb 2:2–3 to our ancestors by the prophets#2Kg 17:13; 21:10; 24:2; Jr 7:25; 26:5; 29:19; 35:15; 44:4; Ezk 38:17; Dn 9:6; Hs 12:10; Zch 1:6; 8:9; Mt 2:23; Lk 1:70; 24:44; Ac 2:30; 3:21,24 at different times and in different ways.#Nm 12:6,8; Jl 2:28 2In these last days,#Ac 2:17; Gl 4:4; 2Tm 3:1; 2Pt 3:3; Jd 18 he has spoken to us by his Son. God has appointed him heir of all things#Jr 3:19; 10:16; Zch 8:12 and made the universe#1:2 Lit ages#Ps 2:8; Jn 1:3; Col 1:16; Rv 4:11 through him. 3The Son is the radiance#1:3 Or reflection of God’s glory and the exact expression#1:3 Or representation, or copy, or reproduction of his nature,#2Co 4:4 sustaining all things by his powerful word.#Ps 33:6 After making purification for sins,#1:3 Other mss read for our sins by himself he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.#1:3 Or he sat down on high at the right hand of the Majesty#Mt 22:44; Mk 16:19; Col 1:17 4So he became superior to the angels, just as the name he inherited is more excellent than theirs.#Eph 1:21; Php 2:9
The Son Superior to Angels
5For to which of the angels did he ever say,
You are my Son;
today I have become your Father, # 1:5 Or have begotten you # 1:5 Ps 2:7
or again,
I will be his Father,
and he will be my Son?#1:5 2Sm 7:14; 1Ch 17:13#2Sm 7:14; Ps 2:7; Ac 13:33
6Again, when he#1:6 Or When he again brings his firstborn into the world,#Col 1:15,18; Rv 1:5 he says,
And let all God’s angels worship him. # 1:6 Dt 32:43 LXX; Ps 97:7 # Dt 32:43; Ps 97:7
7And about the angels he says:
He makes his angels winds, # 1:7 Or spirits
and his servants # 1:7 Or ministers a fiery flame,#1:7 Ps 104:4#Ps 104:4
8but to#1:8 Or about the Son:
Your throne, God,
is forever and ever,
and the scepter of your kingdom
is a scepter of justice. # Ps 45:6–7
9 You have loved righteousness
and hated lawlessness;
this is why God, your God,
has anointed you
with the oil of joy # Is 61:1,3; Php 2:9
beyond your companions. # 1:9 Or associates # 1:8–9 Ps 45:6–7
In the beginning, Lord,
you established the earth,
and the heavens are the works of your hands; # Ps 102:25
11 they will perish, but you remain.
They will all wear out like clothing; # Is 50:9; 51:6
12 you will roll them up like a cloak, # 1:12 Other mss omit like a cloak
and they will be changed like clothing.
But you are the same,
and your years will never end. # 1:10–12 Ps 102:25–27 # Ps 102:26–27; Heb 13:8
13Now to which of the angels has he ever said:
Sit at my right hand
until I make your enemies your footstool?#1:13Ps 110:1#Jos 10:24; Ps 110:1; Mt 22:44; Mk 12:36; Ac 2:34–35; Heb 10:13
14Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve those who are going to inherit salvation?#Ps 103:20; Mt 18:10; Heb 5:9

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