Proverbs 3
Advice to Children
1My child, do not forget my teaching.
Keep my commands in mind.
2Then you will live a long time.
And your life will be successful.
3Don’t ever stop being kind and truthful.
Let kindness and truth show in all you do.
Write them down in your mind as if on a tablet.
4Then you will be respected
and pleasing to both God and men.
5Trust the Lord with all your heart.
Don’t depend on your own understanding.
6Remember the Lord in everything you do.
And he will give you success.
7Don’t depend on your own wisdom.
Respect the Lord and refuse to do wrong.
8Then your body will be healthy.
And your bones will be strong.
9Honor the Lord by giving him part of your wealth.
Give him the firstfruits from all your crops.
10Then your barns will be full.
And your wine barrels will overflow with new wine.
11My child, do not reject the Lord’s discipline.
And don’t become angry when he corrects you.
12The Lord corrects those he loves,
just as a father corrects the child that he likes.
13Happy is the person who finds wisdom.
And happy is the person who gets understanding.
14Wisdom is worth more than silver.
It brings more profit than gold.
15Wisdom is more precious than rubies.
Nothing you want is equal to it.
16With her right hand wisdom offers you a long life.
With her left hand she gives you riches and honor.
17Wisdom will make your life pleasant.
It will bring you peace.
18As a tree makes fruit, wisdom gives life to those who use it.
Everyone who uses wisdom will be happy.
19Using his wisdom, the Lord made the earth.
Using his understanding, he set the sky in place.
20Using his knowledge, he made rivers flow from underground springs.
And he made the clouds drop rain on the earth.
21My child, hold on to wisdom and reason.
Don’t let them out of your sight!
22They will give you life.
Like a necklace, they will beautify your life.
23Then you will go on your way in safety.
And you will not get hurt.
24You won’t need to be afraid when you lie down.
When you lie down, your sleep will be peaceful.
25You won’t need to be afraid of trouble coming suddenly.
You won’t need to fear the ruin that comes to the wicked.
26The Lord will keep you safe.
He will keep you from being trapped.
27Whenever you are able,
do good to people who need help.
28If you have what your neighbor asks for,
don’t say to him,
“Come back later. I will give it to you tomorrow.”
29Don’t make plans to hurt your neighbor.
He lives nearby and trusts you.
30Don’t accuse a man for no good reason.
Don’t accuse him if he has not harmed you.
31Don’t be jealous of men who use violence.
And don’t choose to be like them.
32The Lord hates those who do wrong.
But he is a friend to those who are honest.
33The Lord will put a curse on the evil person’s house.
But he will bless the home of people who do what is right.
34The Lord laughs at those who laugh at him.
But he is kind to those who are not proud.
35Wise people will receive honor.
But foolish people will be disgraced.
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