Tehillim 54
1Hoshieini (save me), O Elohim, by Shimecha, and vindicate me by Thy gevurah (might, power). 2(4) Hear my tefillah, O Elohim; give ear to the words of my mouth. 3(5) For zarim (strangers) are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my nefesh; they have not set Elohim before them. Selah. 4(6) Hinei, Elohim is mine Ozer (helper); Adonoi is with them that uphold my nefesh. 5(7) He shall recompense the rah (evil) unto mine enemies; in Thy emes cut them off. 6(8) I will sacrifice a nedavah (freewill offering) unto Thee; I will praise Shimecha, Hashem; for it is tov (good). 7(9) For He hath delivered me out of all my tzoros; and mine eye hath looked in triumph upon mine oyevim (enemies.)
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