Tehillim 33
1Sing with joy in Hashem, O ye tzaddikim; for tehillah is fitting for the yesharim (upright ones). 2Hodu l'Hashem with kinnor (harp); make music unto Him with the ten stringed nevel (lyre). 3Sing unto Him a shir chadash (new song); play skillfully with a teru'ah (shout of joy). 4For the Devar Hashem is yashar; and kol ma'aseihu (all His deeds) are done in emunah (faithfulness). 5He loveth Tzedakah and Mishpat; ha'aretz is full of the chesed Hashem. 6By the Devar Hashem were Shomayim made; and all the tz'va (host) of them by the ruach (breath) of His mouth [MJ 11:3; Yn 1:1; Psa 56:5]. 7He gathereth the mey hayam (waters of the sea) like a mound; He layeth up the tehomot (ocean depths) in otzarot (storehouses, vaults). 8Let kol ha'aretz fear Hashem; let kol yoshvei tevel (all the inhabitants of the world) stand in awe of Him. 9For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood firm. 10Hashem annuls the atzat Goyim (plan of the Goyim); He foils the machsh'vot Amim (schemes of the peoples). 11The atzat Hashem standeth firm l'olam, the machsh'vot of His lev l'dor va'dor (from generation to generation). 12Ashrei is the Goy whose Elohav is Hashem; and HaAm whom He hath chosen for His own nachalah. 13Hashem looketh down from Shomayim: He beholdeth kol Bnei HaAdam. 14From the place of His habitation He looketh upon kol yoshvei ha'aretz. 15He formeth their hearts yachad; He considereth all their ma'asim (deeds). 16There is no melech saved by the multitude of an army; a gibbor is not delivered by rav ko'ach. 17A sus is a sheker (vain, false thing) for teshu'ah (deliverance, salvation, safety); neither shall it save any by its great strength. 18Hinei, the eye of Hashem is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His chesed; 19To deliver their nefesh from mavet (death), and to keep them alive in ra'av (famine). 20Our nefesh waiteth for Hashem; He is ezrienu (our help) and moginneinu (our shield). 21For libeinu (our heart) shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted b'Shem Kadsho (in His holy Name). 22Let Thy chesed, Hashem, be upon us, even as we have hoped in Thee.
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