Tehillim 132
1Hashem, remember Dovid, and all his afflictions; 2How he swore unto Hashem, and vowed unto Avir Ya'akov (the Mighty One of Ya'akov); 3Surely I will not come into the ohel of my bais, nor go up into my bed; 4I will not give sleep to mine eyes, nor tenumah (slumber) to mine eyelids, 5Until I find a makom (place) for Hashem, even mishkanot for the Avir Ya'akov. 6Hinei, we heard of it at Ephratah; we found it in the sedei Ya'ar (fields of Ya'ar). 7We will go into His mishkanot; we will worship at the hadom (footstool) of His raglayim. 8Arise, Hashem, into Thy menuchah (resting place); Thou, and the Aron of Thy oz (might). 9Let Thy Kohanim be clothed with tzedek; and let Thy chasidim sing for joy. 10For the sake of Dovid Thy Eved, do not turn away the face of Thine Moshiach [see Isa 52:13; 53:11]. 11Hashem hath sworn in emes unto Dovid; He will not turn from His oath: Of the p'ri (fruit) of thy beten (body) will I set upon thy kisse (throne). 12If thy Banim are shomer over My Brit and My Edot that I shall teach them, their Banim shall also sit upon thy kisse adei-ad (forevermore). 13For Hashem hath chosen Tziyon; He hath desired her for His moshav. 14This is My menuchah (resting place) adei-ad (forever); here will I dwell; for I have desired her. 15I will place a bountiful berakhah on her provision; I will satisfy her poor with lechem. 16I will also clothe her Kohanim with Yesha (salvation); and her chasidim shall sing aloud for joy. 17There atzmi'ach (I will make sprout i.e., Tzemach) the Keren of Dovid; I have ordained a ner (lamp) for My Moshiach. 18His oyevim will I clothe with boshet (shame); but upon him [Moshiach] shall his nezer (crown) be resplendent.
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