Iyov 39
1Dost thou have da'as of the et (time) when the mountain goats give birth, or art thou shomer to watch when the doe bears her fawn? 2Canst thou number the months that they fulfil, or dost thou have da'as of the et (time) when they give birth? 3They crouch down, they bring forth their yeledim, their chavalim (birth pains) are cast off in riddance. 4Their banim gain strength, they grow up in the bar (open, wild); they go forth, and return not unto them. 5Who hath sent out the pere (wild donkey) free, or who hath untied the ropes of the arod (wild donkey, onager), 6Whose bais I have made the aravah, and the barren land his mishkenot (dwellings)? 7He laughs at the tumult of the kiryah (city), neither regardeth he the shouts of the driver. 8The range of the harim is his pasture, and he searcheth after every green thing. 9Will the wild ox be willing to be thy eved, or stay the night by thy evus (animal feeding trough)? 10Canst thou bind the wild ox to the furrow with a rope, or will it behind thee till the amakim (valleys)? 11Wilt thou depend on him, because his ko'ach is great, or wilt thou hand over thy heavy work to him? 12Wilt thou believe him, that he will bring in thy zera (grain), and gather it into thy goren (threshing floor)? 13Joyfully flapping are the wings of the ostrich, but are her wings and feathers like the khasidah (stork)? 14For the ostrich layeth her betzim (eggs) la'aretz (on the ground), and warmeth them in the sand, 15And forgetteth that the regel may crush them, or that the wild beast may break them. 16She treats harshly her banim, as though they were not hers; though her labor should be in vain, yet she is without pachad (fear, care), 17Because Elo'ah hath deprived her of chochmah, neither hath he imparted to her binah. 18Yet at the et (time) she flaps her wings [to run], she laughs at the sus and his rider. 19Hast thou given the sus gevurah? Hast thou clothed his neck with a flowing mane? 20Canst thou make him leap like an arbeh (locust)? The hod (glory) of his snorting strikes terror. 21He paweth in the emek (valley), and rejoiceth in his koach; he chargeth into the fray. 22He laugheth at pachad, and nothing fears; neither turneth he back from the cherev. 23The quiver rattleth at his side, the glittering spear and the kidon (scimitar, curved sword). 24He eats up the eretz with fierceness and rogez (rage); neither standeth he still at the sound of the shofar. 25As often as the shofar, he snorts Aha! and he smelleth the milchamah afar off, the shout of the sarim, and the teru'ah (battle cry). 26Doth the hawk fly by thy binah, and stretch her wings toward the south? 27Doth the nesher (eagle) mount up at thy command, and make her ken (nest) on high? 28She dwelleth and abideth on the cliff, upon the crag of the rock, its metzudah (stronghold). 29From there she seeketh the okhel (food, prey), and her eyes behold it from afar off. 30Her young ones feast on dahm; and where the chalalim (slain ones) are, there it is.
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