Yeshayah 61
1The Ruach [Hakodesh] of Adonoi Hashem is upon me [Moshiach], because Hashem mashach (hath anointed) me [Moshiach] to preach besurah (good news, glad tidings) unto the anavim (meek, poor, oppressed); He hath sent me to bind up the nishberei lev (the brokenhearted), to proclaim deror (freedom, liberty) for the shevuyim ([Golus] captives), and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; 2To proclaim the Shnat Ratzon L'Hashem (the year of the L-rd's favor and grace), and the Yom Nakam L'Eloheinu (our G-d's Day of Vengeance); to comfort all the avelim (mourners); 3To grant unto Avelei Tziyon (Mourners of Zion), giving unto them a flower wreath instead of ashes, the shemen sasson (oil of joy) instead of avel (mourning), the garment of tehillah (praise) for the ruach of keheh (fainting, a heavy spirit); that they might be called Eilei HaTzedek (Oaks of Righteousness), the planting of Hashem, that He might be glorified. 4And they shall rebuild charvot olam (the old ruins), they shall raise up the shomemot rishonim (former desolations), and they shall make new the cities of chorev (ruin), the shomemot (desolations) dor vador. 5And zarim shall stand and shepherd your tzon, and bnei nekhar shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers. 6But ye shall be named the Kohanim of Hashem; men shall call you the Mesharetim (Ministers) of Eloheinu; ye shall eat the chayil Goyim, (wealth of Nations) and in their kavod shall ye boast. 7Instead of your bushah (shame) ye shall have a mishneh (double [portion]); and for dishonor they shall rejoice in their chelek (portion): therefore in their land they shall possess the mishneh; simchat olam (everlasting joy) shall be unto them. 8For I Hashem love mishpat, I hate gazel (robbery) in [obtaining] the olah (burnt offering); and I will direct their work in emes, and I will make a Brit Olam [Gn 12:1- 3; Isa 55:3] with them. 9And their zera shall be known among the Goyim and their offspring among the Nations: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the Zera Berach Hashem. 10I will greatly rejoice in Hashem, my nefesh shall be joyful in Elohai; for He hath clothed me with the Bigdei Yesha (Garments of Salvation), He hath covered me with Me'il Tzedakah (the Robe of Righteousness) like a Choson arrays himself with splendor, and like a Kallah adorneth herself with her jewels. 11For as Eretz bringeth forth her tzemach, and as the gan (garden) the things that are sown in it tatzmiach (causes [them] to spring forth); so Adonoi Hashem will tzedakah (righteousness) and tehillah (praise) yatzmiach (cause [them] to spring forth) before kol HaGoyim.
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