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B'resheet (Gen) 5

1(vi) Here is the genealogy of Adam. On the day that God created man he made him in the likeness of God; 2he created them male and female; he blessed them and called them Adam [humankind, man] on the day they were created. 3After Adam lived 130 years he fathered a son like himself and named him Shet. 4After Shet was born, Adam lived another 800 years and had both sons and daughters. 5In all, Adam lived 930 years, and then he died.
6Shet lived 105 years and fathered Enosh. 7After Enosh was born, Shet lived another 807 years and had sons and daughters. 8In all, Shet lived 912 years; then he died.
9Enosh lived ninety years and fathered Kenan. 10After Kenan was born, Enosh lived another 815 years and had sons and daughters. 11In all, Enosh lived 905 years; then he died.
12Kenan lived seventy years and fathered Mahalal’el. 13After Mahalal’el was born, Kenan lived another 840 years and had sons and daughters. 14In all, Kenan lived 910 years; then he died.
15Mahalal’el lived sixty-five years and fathered Yered. 16After Yered was born, Mahalal’el lived another 830 years and had sons and daughters. 17In all, Mahalal’el lived 895 years; then he died.
18Yered lived 162 years and fathered Hanokh. 19After Hanokh was born, Yered lived 800 years and had sons and daughters. 20In all, Yered lived 962 years; then he died.
21Hanokh lived sixty-five years and fathered Metushelach. 22After Metushelach was born, Hanokh walked with God 300 years and had sons and daughters. 23In all, Hanokh lived 365 years. 24Hanokh walked with God, and then he wasn’t there, because God took him.
(vii) 25Metushelach lived 187 years and fathered Lemekh. 26After Lemekh was born, Metushelach lived 782 years and had sons and daughters. 27In all, Metushelach lived 969 years; then he died.
28Lemekh lived 182 years and fathered a son, 29whom he called Noach [restful]; for he said, “This one will comfort us in our labor, in the hard work we do with our hands [to get what comes] from the ground that Adonai cursed.” 30After Noach was born, Lemekh lived 595 years and had sons and daughters. 31In all, Lemekh lived 777 years; then he died.
32Noach was 500 years old; and Noach fathered Shem, Ham and Yefet.

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