Divrei-HamYamim Alef (1 Ch) 5
1The sons of Re’uven the firstborn of Isra’el — he was the firstborn, but because he defiled his father’s bed, his birthright was given to the sons of Yosef the son of Isra’el, though not in such a way as for him to be regarded in the genealogy as the firstborn. 2For Y’hudah became greater than his brothers, inasmuch as the ruler came from him; nevertheless, the birthright went to Yosef. 3So these are the sons of Re’uven the firstborn of Isra’el: Hanokh, Pallu, Hetzron and Karmi.
4The descendants of Yo’el: his son Sh’ma‘yah, his son Gog, his son Shim‘i, 5his son Mikhah, his son Re‘ayah, his son Ba‘al, 6and his son Be’erah. Tilgat-Piln’eser king of Ashur carried him away captive; he was leader of the Re’uveni. 7His brothers, by their clans, as listed in their genealogical records were: Ye‘i’el the leader, Z’kharyah 8and Bela the son of ‘Azaz the son of Sh’ma the son of Yo’el. He lived in ‘Aro‘er, with territory extending to N’vo and Ba‘al-M‘on; 9while to the east he occupied territory that extended to the beginning of the desert as one comes from the Euphrates River; because their cattle multiplied in the land of Gil‘ad. 10In the time of Sha’ul they went to war with the Hagri’im; after defeating them they occupied their tents throughout all the territory east of Gil‘ad.
11The descendants of Gad lived across from them, in the territory from Bashan to Salkhah: 12Yo’el was the leader, Shafam second, then Yanai and Shafat in Bashan. 13The houses of their fathers’ brothers were: Mikha’el, Meshulam, Sheva, Yorai, Ya‘kan, Zia and ‘Ever — seven altogether. 14These are the sons of Avichayil the son of Huri the son of Yaroach the son of Gil‘ad the son of Mikha’el the son of Yeshishai the son of Yachdo the son of Buz; 15Achi the son of ‘Avdi’el the son of Guni was leader of their fathers’ house. 16They lived in Gil‘ad, in Bashan, in its towns and in all the pasture lands of the plain as far as their borders. 17All these were listed in genealogies during the times of Yotam king of Y’hudah and Yarov‘am king of Isra’el.
18The descendants of Re’uven, the Gadi and the half-tribe of M’nasheh included 44,760 brave men who were available for warfare, able to take up shield and sword, shoot with the bow, or make use of other war skills. 19These made war with the Hagri’im, Y’tur, Nafish and Nodav. 20They received help against them, so that the Hagri’im and all who were allied with them suffered defeat at their hands; because they cried out to God while they were fighting, and he did as they requested, because they put their trust in him. 21From their livestock they carried off 50,000 camels, 250,000 sheep and 2,000 donkeys; they also took captive 100,000 persons. 22Many were slaughtered, because the war was of God, and they lived in their territory until the captivity.
23The descendants of the half-tribe of M’nasheh lived and increased in the territory from Bashan to Ba‘al-Hermon, S’nir and Mount Hermon. 24The leaders of their fathers’ houses were: ‘Efer, Yish‘i, Eli’el, ‘Azri’el, Yirmeyah, Hodavyah and Yachdi’el, strong, brave, famous men, leaders of their fathers’ houses. 25But they broke faith with the God of their ancestors and prostituted themselves to the gods of the peoples of the land, whom God had destroyed ahead of them. 26So the God of Isra’el stirred up the spirit of Pul king of Ashur and the spirit of Tilgat-Piln’eser king of Ashur; and he carried them away as captives — the Re’uveni, the Gadi and the half-tribe of M’nasheh — and brought them to Halach, Havor, Hara and to the Gozan River, where they are to this day.
27The sons of Levi: Gershon, K’hat and M’rari. 28The sons of K’hat: ‘Amram, Yitz’har, Hevron and ‘Uzi’el. 29The children of ‘Amram: Aharon, Moshe and Miryam. The sons of Aharon: Nadav, Avihu, El‘azar and Itamar. 30El‘azar fathered Pinchas, Pinchas fathered Avishua, 31Avishua fathered Buki, Buki fathered ‘Uzi, 32‘Uzi fathered Z’rachyah, Z’rachyah fathered M’rayot, 33M’rayot fathered Amaryah, Amaryah fathered Achituv, 34Achituv fathered Tzadok, Tzadok fathered Achima‘atz, 35Achima‘atz fathered ‘Azaryah, ‘Azaryah fathered Yochanan, 36and Yochanan fathered ‘Azaryah. He functioned as cohen in the house that Shlomo built in Yerushalayim. 37‘Azaryah fathered Amaryah, Amaryah fathered Achituv, 38Achituv fathered Tzadok, Tzadok fathered Shalum, 39Shalum fathered Hilkiyah, Hilkiyah fathered ‘Azaryah, 40‘Azaryah fathered S’rayah, S’rayah fathered Y’hotzadak, 41and Y’hotzadak went into captivity when Adonai carried Y’hudah and Yerushalayim away at the hands of N’vukhadnetzar.
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