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Psalms 26

A Prayer for Divine Scrutiny and Redemption
A Psalm of David.
1Vindicate #Ps. 7:8me, O Lord,
For I have #2 Kin. 20:3; (Prov. 20:7)walked in my integrity.
#(Ps. 13:5; 28:7)I have also trusted in the Lord;
I shall not slip.
2#Ps. 17:3; 139:23Examine me, O Lord, and prove me;
Try my mind and my heart.
3For Your lovingkindness is before my eyes,
And #2 Kin. 20:3; Ps. 86:11I have walked in Your truth.
4I have not #Ps. 1:1; Jer. 15:17sat with idolatrous mortals,
Nor will I go in with hypocrites.
5I have #Ps. 31:6; 139:21hated the assembly of evildoers,
And will not sit with the wicked.
6I will wash my hands in innocence;
So I will go about Your altar, O Lord,
7That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving,
And tell of all Your wondrous works.
8Lord, #Ps. 27:4; 84:1–4, 10I have loved the habitation of Your house,
And the place where Your glory dwells.
9#Ps. 28:3Do not gather my soul with sinners,
Nor my life with bloodthirsty men,
10In whose hands is a sinister scheme,
And whose right hand is full of #1 Sam. 8:3bribes.
11But as for me, I will walk in my integrity;
Redeem me and be merciful to me.
12#Ps. 40:2My foot stands in an even place;
In the congregations I will bless the Lord.

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