Psalms 148

Psalms 148

Praise to the Lord from Creation
1Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord from the heavens;
Praise Him in the heights!
2Praise Him, all His angels;
Praise Him, all His hosts!
3Praise Him, sun and moon;
Praise Him, all you stars of light!
4Praise Him, #Deut. 4:32–34; (Rom. 3:1, 2)you heavens of heavens,
And #Deut. 10:14; 1 Kin. 8:27; (Neh. 9:6)you waters above the heavens!
5Let them praise the name of the Lord,
For #Gen. 1:7He commanded and they were created.
6#Gen. 1:1, 6He also established them forever and ever;
He made a decree which shall not pass away.
7Praise the Lord from the earth,
#Ps. 89:37; (Jer. 31:35, 36; 33:20, 25)You great sea creatures and all the depths;
8Fire and hail, snow and clouds;
Stormy wind, fulfilling His word;
9#Is. 43:20Mountains and all hills;
Fruitful trees and all cedars;
10Beasts and all cattle;
Creeping things and flying fowl;
11Kings of the earth and all peoples;
Princes and all judges of the earth;
12Both young men and maidens;
Old men and children.
13Let them praise the name of the Lord,
For His #Is. 44:23; 49:13name alone is exalted;
His glory is above the earth and heaven.
14And He #Ps. 8:1has exalted the horn of His people,
The praise of #1 Sam. 2:1; Ps. 75:10all His saints—
Of the children of Israel,
#Ps. 149:9A people near to Him.
Praise the Lord!

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