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Proverbs 22

1You should want a good name more than you want great riches.
To be highly respected is better than having silver or gold.
2The Lord made rich people and poor people.
That’s what they have in common.
3Wise people see danger and go to a safe place.
But childish people keep going and suffer for it.
4Being humble comes from having respect for the Lord.
This will bring you wealth and honor and life.
5Thorns and traps lie in the paths of evil people.
But those who value their lives stay far away from them.
6Start children off on the right path.
And even when they are old, they will not turn away from it.
7Rich people rule over those who are poor.
Borrowers are slaves to lenders.
8Anyone who plants evil gathers a harvest of trouble.
Their power to treat others badly will be destroyed.
9Those who give freely will be blessed.
That’s because they share their food with those who are poor.
10If you drive away those who make fun of others, fighting also goes away.
Arguing and unkind words will stop.
11A person who has a pure and loving heart and speaks kindly
will be a friend of the king.
12The eyes of the Lord keep watch over knowledge.
But he does away with the words of those who aren’t faithful.
13People who don’t want to work say, “There’s a lion outside!”
Or they say, “I’ll be murdered if I go out into the streets!”
14The mouth of a woman who commits adultery is like a deep pit.
Any man the Lord is angry with falls into it.
15Children are going to do foolish things.
But correcting them will drive that foolishness far away.
16You might treat poor people badly or give gifts to rich people.
Trying to get rich in these ways will instead make you poor.
30 Sayings of Wise People
Saying 1
17Pay attention and listen to the sayings of wise people.
Apply your heart to the sayings I teach.
18It is pleasing when you keep them in your heart.
Have all of them ready on your lips.
19You are the one I am teaching today.
That’s because I want you to trust in the Lord.
20I have written 30 sayings for you.
They will give you knowledge and good advice.
21I am teaching you to be honest and to speak the truth.
Then you can give honest reports to those you serve.
Saying 2
22Don’t take advantage of poor people just because they are poor.
Don’t treat badly those who are in need by taking them to court.
23The Lord will stand up for them in court.
He will require the lives of people who have taken the lives of those in need.
Saying 3
24Don’t be a friend of a person who has a bad temper.
Don’t go around with a person who gets angry easily.
25You might learn their habits.
And then you will be trapped by them.
Saying 4
26Don’t agree to pay for what someone else owes.
And don’t agree to pay their bills for them.
27If you don’t have the money to pay,
your bed will be taken right out from under you!
Saying 5
28Don’t move old boundary stones
set up by your people of long ago.
Saying 6
29Do you see someone who does good work?
That person will serve kings.
That person won’t serve officials of lower rank.

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