Jude Introduction

Jude Introduction

Jude and James were brothers of Jesus. James was a leader in the church in Jerusalem. He was the writer of the book of James. Jude also had authority as a leader in the church. Jude most likely wrote this letter to Jewish believers. This letter would have special meaning for these believers. That’s because it talks about Israel’s history and about angels. And it talks about other writings that would have meaning for them.
Jude speaks about the problem of false teachers in the church. They are teaching against the true faith. These false teachers claim they have had inspired dreams. They reject the authority of the church leaders. And they use their bodies in unholy ways. These false teachers claim that they are bringing God’s message. But they don’t show that they have the spirit of God in them. They live following their own ungodly desires. Jude warns the believers to actively resist these false teachers. He tells them to clean out their community by saying no to these false teachings.
It seems that the apostle Peter received a copy of Jude’s letter. Peter then wrote a letter of his own. Peter’s letter supported what Jude had said. It stated that Jude had faithfully presented the teachings of Jesus’ own apostles.

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