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Isaiah Introduction

At the time kings ruled Israel, God spoke to his people through prophets. The prophet Isaiah spoke to the Israelites in the Kingdom of Judah. Isaiah was a prophet about 700 years before the time of Jesus the Messiah. He continued his work for about 40 years.
Isaiah’s message to the people in Judah was much like the messages of other prophets. They were about judgment and hope. They talked about the covenant agreement between God and his people. These messages were often spoken to the people using poetry.
Isaiah had personal contact with the kings who were ruling. He was able to bring godly advice to Kings Ahaz and Hezekiah. That was during the time when the Assyrian army was attacking Israel. Isaiah tells the people to follow Gods laws and commands. He tells them to take care of the poor and those with needs. And he speaks to them about being just and fair in all things. Isaiah reminds the Israelites that this is the way God expects them to live.
Isaiah had messages for Israel and for the nations around Israel. Israel has not followed God’s commands. They have not worshiped God in the right way. And Isaiah tells Israel that they will be punished for their sin. Isaiah calls for Israel to return to God.
In his later poems, Isaiah looked to a time in the future. It is the time when a new king will come. Isaiah explains how this king will suffer. It was not what the people were expecting. This servant king’s personal sacrifice would bring healing and renewal. And that servant king would bring peace to Israel and to the whole world. The New Testament writers often refer to the book of Isaiah. That’s because Isaiah’s writings explain how Israel will one day be a blessing to all nations.

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