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Exodus Introduction

The book of Exodus continues the story of God and the people of Israel. God formed the people of Israel to be a special nation. The nation of Israel would be a special part of his plan for the whole world.
Exodus is the story of Abraham and his family who came after him. These people moved to Egypt when there was a famine. They became slaves there. But God was still with them in Egypt. He chose a man named Moses to be their leader. God worked powerfully through Moses to bring these people out of Egypt. They traveled through the desert to Mount Sinai. Then God gave his laws to Moses. The Ten Commandments were part of the laws given. God also told the Israelites how they should worship him. The Israelites built a holy tent so God could live among them.
While the Israelites were at Mount Sinai, God repeated his special promise to them. God promised that he would be their God and that they would be his chosen people. This story of how God saved Israel became a pattern for how he will save people again.
The book of Leviticus follows Exodus. Leviticus continues the story of God and the people of Israel. Most of this part of the story takes place around Mount Sinai. God wanted his people to live holy lives. And he wanted them to be separate from the nations around them. God wanted Israel to be a new kind of people in the world. So God gave the Israelites laws and directions on how to live holy lives. These laws and commands also directed their worship. God gave these laws and commands to Moses. He wrote these rules, laws and commands so the people would remember to be faithful.
The book of Numbers follows Leviticus. It also continues the story of God and the people of Israel. God wanted his people to live holy lives. But they did not obey God’s laws and commands. So the Israelites had to wander in the desert for 40 years. They had to wait to enter the land God had promised them.
Numbers is the story of the Israelites in the desert. It is about their adventures during those 40 years. And it is about how God continued to provide for their needs. God was faithful to his special promise to them.
The book of Numbers brings together ideas from Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. Together these books tell the story of the beginning of God’s saving work in the world.

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