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Ecclesiastes Introduction

The book of Ecclesiastes is a collection of writings by a teacher or preacher. This teacher was a king in Israel. He was from the family line of David and he lived in Jerusalem. This teacher may have been King David’s son Solomon.
The book of Ecclesiastes warns us that the rewards of this life are uncertain. Sometimes things go well for us. But sometimes they do not go well. So many things in this life do not last. The Teacher explores this idea. He does this using both poetry and regular writing. Some of the writing tells about the Teacher’s own life. And some of the writing is simply teaching. In the book there are both questions and statements about life. These questions and statements return to themes such as the wind. For example, life can be like chasing after the wind.
The book of Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is something wrong about life in this world. This goes along with the big story of the whole Bible. There are many good things in life. But something about this world is broken. God is working to set things right again. But in the meantime, it is important to remember that God is over all things. One day he will judge everything we do. So we should do our part now to follow God’s ways.





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