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Joy: A Countdown to Christmas

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Joy Fulfilled 

Imagine being a first-century Israelite. You’ve heard that a Savior is coming, but for 400 years your people have endured wars, famines, government coups, and living as displaced refugees. Then one night, a baby is born named Immanuel, “God with us.” After years of waiting, God’s promise arrives wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. 

Because God works outside of our understanding of time, it can often appear that He is slow to accomplish His purposes. While there are some things we will never fully understand from our linear, ground-level perspectives, the Christmas story is a reminder that God has never made a promise He didn’t keep.

It’s often in our periods of waiting that God prepares us for the plans and promises He has for us. Because God has shown Himself faithful throughout history, we can rest in the confident assurance that our joy will one day be fulfilled.

Today, reflect on God’s faithfulness and write down the different ways He has proven Himself trustworthy.

Pray this Prayer:

Lord, today help me to choose joy. Thank you for sending your Son into a sinful world so that we could experience the fulfillment of joy that only comes from knowing You. Today, as I wait for the fulfillment of Your promises, I choose to rejoice in what You have already done. I love You, and today I choose to worship You.

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Joy: A Countdown to Christmas

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