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Joy: A Countdown to Christmas

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Joy in Human Form

When you think of the word “joy,” what comes to mind? 

If you were an Israelite living in Old Testament times, it would have looked like shouting for joy in worship, expressing delight in religious ceremonies, and reflecting with gladness over specific examples of God’s faithfulness to your people. 

Things change slightly in the New Testament. Because of Christ’s birth, joy is not only expected, it is also a praise-filled assurance that abides in you—reminding you that God keeps His promises and is working everything out for your good and His glory. Joy helps you fix your eyes on Jesus and point others to Jesus because joy fulfilled is Jesus.  

As you continue to celebrate the coming of Christmas, take a moment to thank God for the joy that entered the world the moment Jesus gave up heaven to become Immanuel, “God with us.”

Pray this Prayer: 

Lord God, with You I have everything I need. Thank you for becoming “God with us.” Thank you for being the source of our joy and the reason I worship. Thank you for choosing to become the ultimate sacrifice so that I could know you personally and intimately. Because of You, I have a reason to worship.

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Joy: A Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a season of joy –– but what exactly is joy and how do you choose it when the world is filled with hurt and hardship? Discover what “joy to the world” really means by immersing yourself in the ...

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