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Joy: A Countdown to Christmas

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Joy When You’re Suffering

Have you ever found yourself thinking that life isn’t fair?

Mary’s cousin Elizabeth could relate. For years, she and her husband Zachariah had been unable to have a baby. Even though they were an honorable couple and careful to follow God’s commands, in those days, infertility was typically considered shameful. Imagine the pain and confusion they must have experienced when they realized they would never be able to have a child.  

Eventually, in her old age, Elizabeth gave birth to a boy who prepared the people of Israel for the Savior of the world. What they couldn’t have known during their years of disappointment, was that God was setting the stage to transform their sorrow into a reason the weary world would rejoice.  

Trials are not something to ever make light of, but because Jesus came to earth, we can be confident that our stories don’t end with suffering. God intimately understands your hardships, and He will not waste your pain. 

As you continue to prepare your heart for Christmas, take a moment to recognize the ways God has strengthened you through difficult situations and seasons. Rejoice that you are personally known by a Savior who can empathize with your suffering, and ask God to show you how He is using your hardships for His glory and your good. 

Pray this Prayer:

Lord God, in every season, I’m thankful that nothing is impossible for You. While the trials I face are painful, I’m thankful that they are only temporary compared to the eternal glory that You are preparing for me. In the moments when I feel overwhelmed by life’s battles, please give me Your perspective and help me to see the joy You set before me. I love you, and today I choose to worship you.

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Joy: A Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a season of joy –– but what exactly is joy and how do you choose it when the world is filled with hurt and hardship? Discover what “joy to the world” really means by immersing yourself in the ...

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