She Reads Truth: Galatians : Day 2

Called By Grace

In this passage, Paul gives his three-part testimony to the Galatians:

  1. His former life in which he was "so extremely zealous" to persecute those who believed the gospel.

  2. His calling to be an apostle of Christ (Acts 9), a result of God's prior grace.

  3. His new life, now dedicated to "preaching the faith he once tried to destroy".

When Paul shares his "former life" with the Galatians (and even notes that he was very successful in his efforts), he neither conceals nor glorifies his past, but he mentions it to illustrate Christ's redemptive work in his life. It pleases God not only when we quietly reflect on his grace in our own lives, but when we share with others what He is doing or has done, that He might be glorified!

Paul's call to serve Christ (like the faith of every believer) was the product of God's prior grace. This can be pretty hard to wrap your head around. Before any of us was born (and before any of us could do anything right or wrong), God chose to create faith in us. His calling is an absolutely free gift and doesn't need to be (and cannot be!) earned. This should come as a sweet relief to us - we are not slaves to the law, but recipients of freedom in Christ!

Finally, Paul is at first speaking about his call to salvation, but in the same breath, he's linking his call to salvation to his call to be an apostle (v.16, "in order that I may preach him among the Gentiles"). Not only do we have freedom in Christ, but his grace produces and comes with gifts! If you have been called by God, he has given you grace-gifts to be used in service in Christ's kingdom.

  • Do you feel free today? Truly free?

  • From what or where did God save you? Thank Him! Tell your friends!

  • With what kinds of grace-gifts has God equipped you? Write them down, thank Him, and ask God to use you. Watch out - he will!

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