Lessons for the Climb


How lucky are we that Jesus is always by our side? How many times has He come through and saved us from seemingly impossible situations? In the midst of chaos, when we are struck on our left and on our right, we may feel so overwhelmed that we forget that He is right there beside us, waiting and present. But instead, we foolishly choose to struggle forward on our own, as if we only had our own strength to rely on. 

The reality is that we were never designed to be self-sufficient. Remember who we have at our side - God who is mighty and powerful, the maker of heaven and earth, the Lord of angel armies. Nothing is too complicated or difficult for Him. Cast your worries and burdens on Him and live daily knowing that Jesus is right there, walking beside you, available and ready to support you through the middle of your journey. 


Recall some key moments when Jesus saved you from seemingly impossible situations.

Have you been striving on your own lately? If so, how can you invite Jesus back into your journey, so that you can draw strength from Him?