Lessons for the Climb


Waiting isn’t easy. It requires patience and strength. When waiting takes longer than we think it should, weariness settles in and grows in the vacuum. Weariness grows in our hearts and affects our eyes, quickly impacting the way we see things and also consequently how we behave and engage.

Put yourself in a posture of being daily strengthened by God to ward off a weary spirit. A strong heart comes from the daily practice of renewing ourselves with the word, with prayer, and with others in the community.  

Remember, waiting isn’t a stop sign. Waiting allows us time to actively build expectation, as we focus on God’s word. In waiting, we have time to become the people that God has called us to be. In waiting, we are never disappointed; if you are, know that the waiting is not yet over, and there are promises for those who wait. Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, and there will be no room in your heart for weariness to take root.


How can you take steps this week to renew your mind daily in Christ?

People often think that maintaining a relationship with God is sufficient, but His word also says we are to be regularly gathering and fellowshipping with other believers. How can you find ways to simply or creatively engage with other believers during this season?