Lessons for the Climb

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Who likes to wait? Nobody. As a society, we are waiting to regather and to see what the new and unfolding chapter of work, church, and social life will look like; we are waiting to feel safe and released from the fear of the invisible. At an individual level, we may be waiting to hear from God for direction, deliverance, a breakthrough, or a miracle. The good news is that when we wait for God, we can expect to never be disappointed.

Imagine two servants for some context to the reading in Psalm 123. One is lethargic; she’s been serving for years and used to her master’s coming and going. The other is a fresh young servant, desperate to be a good servant. They’ve been up and working all day. The older and more tired servant says, “He probably isn’t going to come,” but the young one sits ready at the table refusing to leave her spot, just in case her master decides to show up. Her eyes remain fixed on the door, waiting for her master’s return.  

Take some time today to pray about your personal season of waiting today, as well as that of your immediate or global community.


What does your season of waiting look like both individually and corporately (in your family, church, or community)?

How does this season of waiting change, when we keep our eyes fixed on God?