Advent 2020


Our present: hope  

Nothing levels the playing field of humanity like a global pandemic or tragedy...

In our out-of-control fragility, we yield ourselves to humility –  

powerless to change the circumstance, but grace reveals a second chance. 

The time we thought that we controlled 

reveals what's hidden in our souls. 

If it were up to the TV 

then all we'd see is the collapse of all security – 

industry, economy, family – 

overwhelmed by the waves of uncertainty... 

day by day in our present reality. 

And the loss is real and felt worldwide –  

finance, funerals, weddings: 

the scattered church bride. 

The rules and restrictions affect my freedoms physically 

but the greatest freedom that I know abides inside of me

and it’s by this revelation that I'm saved and whole and free –  

the Son of God in human flesh, born as a child for me!

Heaven was not the present but that the King of Life came down, 

my living hope now and forever, 

anchors my mind in places sound.

I don't know the future but he's in it, in that assurance I won't fear! 

Every trial: I'll break through it, knowing heaven’s help is near.

We've never needed each other more on the shores of uncertainty –  

yet I see kindness breaking forth that unites communities. 

The poor, widowed and vulnerable have joined back in the race, 

holding hands of hope with strangers who provide for them a place.

I feel excitement bubbling, the stirring in my bones – 

this hope that seeks and saves the lost brings many sons back home.

Hope makes me a dreamer in a technicolored coat – 

hope in the Great Redeemer: the perfect antidote. 

What if our setbacks were our setups?

And our pain platforms of grace?

Maybe we would keep our judgments to ourselves 

with smiles upon our face – 

knowing we all fall short and need this hope. 

So let's give it away...

piece by piece a slow release till it floods,

'til it sustains. 

For the battle is not these carnal things by weapons that I hold,

but on my knees with prayer and thanksgiving my arsenal unfolds!

And from my King’s perspective, priorities align – 

where we got misdirected, our purpose redefined. 

We become what we behold, our power is we choose

to reflect perfect love and needed hope 

or the fears shown in the news.

In a world that needs, but breaks, our light we disperse in many colors 

the spectrum of life just like our Christ 

a hope for many others. 

By Chloe Lauren Smith, a spoken word artist and Tearfund supporter.