Unstoppable By Christine Caine


One day, I received a phone call from a friend asking me to teach his lecture that same day at Hillsong Bible College. He was handing me an unexpected baton. I said yes and taught the class, but because I was so unprepared, I left feeling flustered and uncomfortable. 

Later that week, arriving at the pool where I swam everyday at 6 a.m., I noticed a man swimming laps, and I recognized him as having been in the class that I taught. When we made eye contact, he nodded and smiled. In the coming days, he continued to swim at the same time as I did. Before long the nods and smiles evolved into conversations, and I learned that his name was Nick Caine. He had previously worked in finance, before having an epiphany about how his life was meant for more. He heard the Gospel soon after, responding to the message immediately, and enrolled in Bible school. The more I learned about him, the more he pursued me relentlessly, the more I found myself falling for him. It was quite the surprise. What I didn’t learn for some time is that he had “fall in love with the teacher,” as he put it. 

He had been on the front row when I taught...asked around about me...learned that I swam most mornings...and showed up. And once he won my heart, he never swam again! Certainly, not at 6 a.m. Not to this day!

That is what happens when new love invades our hearts. We suddenly become unstoppable in pursuit of what we are so passionate about. When we are passionate about something, we are determined to find a way. Passion enables us to do what we would never do if we didn’t have it. 

Passion is critical to our race. It is not a feeling, but a decision that fuels us. Feelings can change, but decisions and actions fuel our passion. When we aren’t passionate about God and his purpose for our lives, then our race will become a “have to” instead of a “want to.” The danger in this is that if we one day decide we don’t “have to” continue, then we will drop out of the race. But when we run our race knowing we are already deeply valued, loved and accepted by God, then we become unstoppable as we carry our baton forward from a place of grace. 

Here are five ways to keep this passion alive--five truths to know and hold onto:

  1. God purchased eternal life for you with the blood of his only Son, therefore, run out of joy rather than obligation.
  2. God loved you before you loved him, so tell him you love Him every single day.
  3. God speaks his love into your life, so read the Bible daily.
  4. God rejoices over you with singing, so give him thanks and praise.
  5. God heals your pain and brings healing into your life, so bring healing to others.

In what ways can you pursue God more passionately?  


Adapted from Unstoppable: Step into Your Purpose, Run Your Race, Embrace the Future by Christine Caine. Copyright © 2014 by Christine Caine. Reprinted with permission of Zondervan Publishing. All rights reserved.