Unstoppable By Christine Caine


When I first joined the Church, I was so excited by it all that I was thrilled to serve anywhere I could. Whether that meant setting up chairs or cleaning out cabinets, I was there. One day while I was reorganizing a storeroom, the youth pastor of our church told me he had noticed that I was always around serving and that he wanted me to oversee the development of a new youth center. I had no idea how to do anything involving the development of a youth center, but I did know enough to rely on God’s power and not my own.

As I learned more and more about the needs of the youth in our community, I grew excited because I began to understand how our church could make a difference. And, I began to understand how people in the community partnering with us could make a difference too. As I reached out to them, businesses offered supplies, paint and even furniture. People from our church and the community were moved to help. What started with one person grew into numerous people contributing. 

Carrying the baton in our race is never about what we can accomplish for God. If he wanted, God could accomplish everything on his own without us. Instead, he wants us to get into the race, taking batons in every exchange zone and passing them on to others. He wants to build our faith and grow in our experiences in him. He wants us to taste his power and be transformed by his might--and he wants us to pull others into the same experience. 

How important it is as we run our race, that we refuse to focus on what we are not, what we cannot do or what we do not know--and instead to lean in and rely on God’s power, God’s resources. To rely on God’s ways. 

As you carry your baton forward today, relying on God’s power and not your own, Christ’s unstoppable power will expand in you, because the exchange zone is the transformation zone every single time.

Where are you relying on your strength more than God’s?


Adapted from Unstoppable: Step into Your Purpose, Run Your Race, Embrace the Future by Christine Caine. Copyright © 2014 by Christine Caine. Reprinted with permission of Zondervan Publishing. All rights reserved.