Unstoppable By Christine Caine


We never intend to get derailed, but it can happen when we take our eyes off Jesus. The enemy will do his best to drain our passion and wear us down until we drop out of the race. Here are some ways that the enemy works to draw our focus and slay our passion:

  • Negative circumstances
  • Fear
  • Failure
  • Unmet Expectations
  • Relational Strife
  • Weariness
  • Oppositions
  • Hopelessness

Don’t be discouraged, however, because with God, we can learn to be content in the midst of our trials. We can learn to be content and confident in God as he equips us to do his work in us and through us--and then our passion for God and his work will continue to grow. Once we have experienced the surge of the unstoppable force of God working through us, then we will want more. As you move forward, don’t yield to any of the passion-slayers, choose patience with yourself and your circumstances, trusting that God is at work and that he will succeed. It is this confidence that will take you to the finish line. 

What are some “passion slayers” hindering your race?


Adapted from Unstoppable: Step into Your Purpose, Run Your Race, Embrace the Future by Christine Caine. Copyright © 2014 by Christine Caine. Reprinted with permission of Zondervan Publishing. All rights reserved.