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Spiritual Authority

DAY 2 OF 3

Spiritual authority is activated by the believer’s response of faith. 

Faith can be defined as not only the content of what we believe, but the action taken, based upon who God reveals Himself to be. As we come to know God more intimately through prayer and study of Scripture, we can confidently respond in faith to whatever spiritual struggles, or mountains, we face. 

Faith is the word for the action of exercising spiritual authority. If we are to pray with spiritual authority, asking for all things and believing that we have received them (Mark 11:24), we must first appropriate in faith what God has already done. 

When speaking to unbelievers, we will often encourage them to come to faith by assuring them that God has already paid the price for their sins and has accomplished all that is needed to be reconciled to Him. What we often forget is that this is no less true for the believer: God has already given us all that we need for every spiritual struggle we may face (2 Peter 1:3).

As you plunge deeper into an intimate relationship with God, will you act on the truth that He reveals to you? Will you come to trust God more, so that you are emboldened to respond in obedience to what He calls you to do?

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About this Plan

Spiritual Authority

This three-day reading plan from Dr. Tony Evans will teach you how to exercise spiritual authority over mountains, aiding in overcoming obstacles that seem impassable in our own spiritual lives.

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