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Spiritual Authority

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Spiritual authority is rooted in the knowledge of God. Jesus’s specific response to Peter’s surprise at the withered fig tree was a command to have faith in God: "And Jesus answered saying to them, 'Have faith in God.'"(Mark 11:22). In other words, the power that Peter observed in the withering of the tree flowed from a single power source: God. Authority simply means the right to use an already existing power, but the key is to know how to access that power source. Throughout His life, Jesus had modeled to the disciples how His own power and authority flowed out of His intimate relationship with God as His Father. If the disciples were to exercise the authority to move mountains, they must first know the God who has the power to move the mountains. A believer’s lack of spiritual authority can often originate from a lack of intimacy with the Source of all authority. Are you struggling to scale an insurmountable obstacle in your life without first going to the Source of all power and authority? If you would like to hear more on the topic of Spiritual Authority, we would like to offer a download of a sermon by Dr. Tony Evans. [ Simply click here. ](
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Spiritual Authority

This three-day reading plan from Dr. Tony Evans will teach you how to exercise spiritual authority over mountains, aiding in overcoming obstacles that seem impassable in our own spiritual lives.

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