The Book Of Mysteries: The Mystery Of Everything

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DAY 3: The Khatan  

“In the mystery of the bride and groom, who is the Bridegroom?” asked the teacher.


“In the Scriptures, in Hebrew, He is called the Khatan. Khatan means the bridegroom, but it can be translated as he who joins himself.”

“Then another name for God,” I said, “is He Who Joins Himself.”

“Yes. Most people see God as distant, unapproachable. But God is the Khatan. So it is He who wills to join Himself to you. It is His nature, His heart, and His desire to join His life to yours. It is not you who must approach Him…It is He who approaches you. And in the mystery of the Khatan is the mystery of everything…the mystery of salvation. There’s no part of you that He will not join Himself to…no matter how dark it is, no matter how sinful, no matter how ungodly. Because He is the Khatan, He even joined Himself to your sins. What is the death of Messiah on the cross? Because of this miracle, there is now nothing that can separate you anymore from His love.”

The Mission: Bring the most ungodly, dark, and untouched part of your life to the Khatan. Let Him touch it, and every part of your life.