The Book Of Mysteries: The Mystery Of Everything

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DAY 2: The House of Bread  

“Lechem,” said the teacher. “It’s Hebrew for bread. Why do you think bread is so important?”

“It’s a basic necessity,” I said. “It keeps us alive. It’s what we need.”

“That’s correct,” he said. “In Hebrew, the word for place or house is beit. When you put the beit together with lechem, you get beit lechem.”

“Bethlehem!” I said. “The place of bread or the house of bread! And so it’s there that we find the bread, that which we most need…in Bethlehem!”

“Yes,” said the teacher, “so if what we needed most was money, if money was the bread of our lives, then what we’d find in Bethlehem would be money. If what we most needed was success, then we’d find success there. Or any other thing we desired. If any of these were what we needed most, then that’s what we would have found in Bethlehem. But we didn’t find any of those things there. We find God come down into our lives. So what does that reveal?”

“That more than anything else…we need Him.”

“Yes. What we find in the house of bread…is the Bread of Life.”

The Mission: Stop filling your needs and desires with that which is not bread. Fill your heart with the love, the presence, and the fullness of your true bread—Him.