The Book Of Mysteries: The Mystery Of Everything

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DAY 1: The Triunity of Love  

“What is needed for love to exist?” asked the teacher.

“An object,” I said. “Love needs an object. The one loved, the object of love.”

“So you must have two, the source of love and the object of love. Then you have the love itself, the love between the two.”

“A subject, an object, and a verb. It’s, ‘I love you.’”

“The most basic expression of love. Three words were needed and yet at the same time, love is one. So love is one and three at the same time. In the Scriptures it is written that ‘God is love.’ If God is love, then God is triune as well. Who is the source of love, the ‘I’? The Father, the source of all love. Who is the object of His love, the ‘You’? The Son, the Messiah, who is called in Scripture, ‘the Beloved.’ And the love that emanates from the Father to the Son? The Spirit.”

“The Lover, the Beloved, and the Love itself…the triunity of love…both three and one at the same time…the triunity of God.”

“Yes,” said the teacher, “as incomprehensible and yet as simple…as ‘I love you.’”

The Mission: Partake of the triunity of love. As God has made you the object of His love, today, make those who don’t deserve it become the object of yours.