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The Messy Table (Part 2): A 7-Day Bible Plan For WomenSample

The Messy Table (Part 2): A 7-Day Bible Plan For Women

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Nicole Dawson Turning Bad Into Beautiful Hardships and difficult situations are simply unavoidable in our lifetime. I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve had a few, but it was a doctor visit that changed my world eleven years ago. Our youngest son had health issues from birth, and by the time he was ten months old, he was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. Simply touching or ingesting common foods such as dairy, eggs or nuts would potentially kill him. I was scared, frustrated and angry, especially since we had recently moved for the third time with our church to plant a new location. I began to bombard God with questions like, “Why God? Why us? Why our son?” I didn’t get it. We moved for God and we were helping others. We were obeying God’s call and yet we were suffering. Surely we should get a pass because we did all of that. God never audibly spoke to me, but amongst the tears, He was with me. I felt Him telling me “I’ve always been here, I’ve never left you, I’ve always been faithful. Just trust me”. Eleven years later, what seemed devastating has turned into something beautiful. Not only has He kept our child safe, but God also used this difficult circumstance to provide me with a passion and a purpose to teach other parents about food allergies through my blog. Learning how to cook and bake allergy-free was necessary for our family but wanting to help others who are struggling like we did has become my purpose, my why . Romans 8:28 reminds us that God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. If we give God all the pieces and say, "Will you work good out of this?” God will do it. God can turn every hardship or difficult situation of your life into something beautiful if we give it to Him and allow Him to work through it. Table Questions: 1\.    What trial has God brought you through? 2\.    How did it make you stronger? 3\.    How can you use it to be a blessing or help to others?
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