Called To Influence

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Covert and Overt Operations

Having met my husband 30 years ago, the more time we spend together the easier it has become to recognize his voice, understand his heart and way of thinking. Similarly we can learn how to recognize God’s voice and heart; to hear, see or sense his presence. Connecting with his love and allowing God to share his heart for others, we can respond to him on a daily basis. God has placed you in your mission field to partner with the Holy Spirit and bring his Kingdom, either covertly or overtly. 

Recognize the little things that covertly reflect God’s Kingdom; random acts of kindness, encouragement, taking time to listen to people. Be ‘salt and light’ using words that honor and respect others.

If God gives you a word of knowledge or prophecy act normally as you covertly share using every-day language, for example “I just get a sense that …” rather than “God just said…” Be obedient to the Holy Spirit but honor the person and where they are on their faith journey. Your priority is for the person to feel loved and cared for above anything else. 

Covert operations lead to overt opportunities because the individual catches a glimpse of Jesus and likes what they see, feel and hear. Recognize these moments and if they ask “how do you know that?” work with the Holy Spirit to discern whether it is right to openly share. This is how God desires to partner with you, whether at church or in your workplace. When he speaks he releases the power to back you up. Don’t allow supernatural events to become divorced from your everyday life. Like a soldier in battle, be open to carry out both covert as well as overt operations and have some fun with God along the way.