Called To Influence

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  Day 2 The secular and sacred divide

As we explored yesterday, God’s agenda is not just to restore the Church but to transform culture and society through his people as they reflect heaven wherever they go, both at work and in their everyday lives. Our mission is to continue the work of Jesus by going into the world to pray for people, heal the sick, bring Freedom and release God’s Kingdom wherever we go. How different the world would feel if every Christian across the nations understood and lived their faith in this way.

Sadly over time we have divided our secular and sacred worlds, making it harder to recognize and include God’s presence throughout the week. We have separated and placed a higher value on what we do at church on Sunday from our everyday lives. However, what God asks of us on Monday is as important as our ‘works’ on Sunday. If we allow ourselves to buy into an unhealthy belief that only neutrality is acceptable in public we simply dis-empower our ability to impact, to speak out or challenge so as not to offend. We pray and worship behind closed doors, ministering inwardly to each other rather than outwardly to others we encounter every day. Such a bomb shelter approach to Christianity is a far cry from what was demonstrated by Jesus and how the early Christians lived, recorded in the book of Acts. 

Maybe you need to repent for believing ungodly lies around the secular/sacred divide? Let’s not measure success by how many people gather on Sunday but rather how we each positively impact the world around us on Monday!